WLA (left to right) Alan Mauger, Matt Mees, Wolfgang Parker, Anthony Yates

WLA (left to right) Alan Mauger, Matt Mees, Wolfgang Parker, Anthony Yates

Weedhaven Laughing Academy (WLA) singer and bassist, Wolfgang Parker, states the band’s two-pronged goal is to serve as a warning to young artists just setting out to make a name for themselves, while inspiring aging veterans to continue following their dreams.

“Our aspirations drive us to create beauty, to inspire, but also drive us to madness—and that’s often in the course of one concert,” singer/bassist Wolfgang Parker says.

Although Parker was best known in the late ‘90s for his hybrid of Punk Rock and Swing Jazz, WLA is a decidedly different endeavor where Parker is not the main attraction. The band’s upcoming release 2s & 5s & 3s is a Garage Rock anthem, drenched with fuzz tones and experimental noise.

Wolfgang is joined by guitarists Anthony Yates and Alan Mauger, who both served with him during his zoot suit era. The new kid being drummer Matt Mees, who has 40+ years playing with acts like Razorbliss, The Godz, George Jones, and Bo Diddley. The band’s combined century of experience is on display in their debut single.

2s & 5s &3s is borne out of the undercurrent of cynicism and angst that pervades American culture right now,” Parker says of the song. “It's a song about conformity. The unavoidable force of society that finds us all. And how we deal with it, the decisions we make in the face of conformity, are the ones that define us the most." Wolfgang cites Robert Cormier's seminal novel, The Chocolate War, as the initial inspiration for the song.

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